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Wing Chun Vancouver for Adults

Wing Chun for Adults

Accelerated Wing Chun
Learn Wing Chun
The Fastest Way
Self Defense for Adults

Self Defense
For Adults

Serious Personal
Protection Training
Adapt to any situation and challenge. Learn the system that trained Bruce Lee
Martial Arts for Adults

Martial Arts
for Adults

Gain Strength,
Endurance & Fitness
Feel better, look better while improving your
body and mind
Tai Chi Chi Gong Vancouver

Mind & Body

Inner Training for a Healthy Lifestyle
Relieve stress/pain, improve clarity,
master your inner self
“What Our Students Are Saying…”
“If you want to better yourself & try something new, take the course!”
-Brendan M.
“A lot of fun learning and getting in shape together with my son!”
-Jeremy & Seth
“It’s Great! Very informative & definitely what I want to do.”
-Will B.

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Comabtive Wing Chun

About Us

Combative Wing Chun is the only martial arts school in the world With the "Accelerated Wing Chun Program" That teaches Chinese kung fu and culture with realistic self-defense in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We are martial arts school based in Canada, founded by Sifu David, who has been training martial arts since 2007.

Our members include teens, college students, university students, parents and their children, working individuals, self-employed individuals, business owners and more.

Our training hall is in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we also provide training worldwide through our online wing chun school and our DVD instructional courses.

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