3 Basic Wing Chun Training Workout Exercises for Beginners

3 Basic Wing Chun Training Workout Exercises for Beginners

Wing Chun fitness workout and training for beginners

Get stronger with these wing chun martial arts fitness training exercises.

1. Single Leg Stance – “Increase your balance and leg strength”

  • Lift knee as high as possible
  • Make foot diagonal

Variation: Hands Up

Variation: Close Eyes

2. Close Grip Plank – “Increase your elbow power and striking power”

  • Hands together with fingers pointing 3 and 9 o’clock

Variation: Do with Knuckles

Variation: Do Pushups

Variation: Knuckles Down, Palms Upwards, Balance Whole Body

3. Circle Footwork – “Stance and footwork and mobility”

  • Stationary
  • Circle inward then outward

Variation: Move forward and backward

Variation: Circle front feet, then back feet

3 Basic Wing Chun Training Workout Exercises for Beginners

The drills and activities at Wing Chun International are all plan to give the understudy all the required components a Wing Chun Practitioner needs to help build up his/her brain, body and soul whether it’s Fitness, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Sparring.

A Wing Chun understudy is given methods amid there preparing. These strategies are given as a bore which is to be chip away at a consistent premise so the data is introduced into there bodies shaping Muscle memory implying that like squinting and breathing the understudy responds without pondering what they are doing to guard themselves.

Here is a rundown of a portion of the Wing Chun Drills and Exercises you as an understudy of Wing Chun International will go over.

Wing Chun Drills (Solo Training)

The principal bore the understudy will run over is Wing Chun’s first frame called Siu Nim tao, this frame is part into 8 sentences and each sentence is drilled in each class permitting you the understudy to pick up a more noteworthy comprehension of each shape and manufacture muscle memory.

Proceeding onward from the structures we go to our footwork whether it’s fundamental or propelled footwork the understudy is acquainted with another progression or a grouping of steps each class.

Hand and Coordination drills – 16 Point Hand Drill, Nine Basic Shapes, Mun sau Wu Sau, 8 Kicks of Wing Chun and Center Line Punching(Chain Punching). These Wing Chun penetrates and groupings of developments are intended to help you the understudy fabricate muscle memory, stream and are bored until the point when you can do them with no throught. These Wing Chun Drills can be joined with the goal that you as an understudy can pick up a more top to bottom comprehension of Wing Chun.

These Wing Chun drills are solo bores and can be rehearsed anyplace.

Connected Wing Chun Drills Lat Sao (Attack and Defend Partner Training)

First time a Wing Chun understudy is acquainted with the connected side of our Wing Chun Drills they will run over our little diversion which is called Lat Sao. Inside this penetrate the understudy will figure out how to assault and guard with whatever your kindred Wing Chun Practitioner tosses at you and inside this bore you as the understudy will work through the 12 . Additionally inside the session of Lat Sao you the understudy will take in a wide range of drills configuration to give you the specialty of streaming.

Connected Wing Chun Drills Chi Sao (Sticky Hands)

Once the connected side of Wing Chun drills has been presented you the understudy will move onto what is viewed as the most imperative part of Wing Chun and that being Dan Chi Sao the craft of adhering to an aggressors wrist or lower arm.

This specific bore is first presented as single hands with you and you’re preparing accomplice, this penetrate is outline so you as understudy can increase more prominent comprehension of weight from your preparation accomplice and your objective is to divert this, keep up wrist to wrist contact along these lines keeping the separation between each other the same. Dan Chi Sao can be worked askew or parallel.

When you have achieved a specific review you will be acquainted with Wing Chun Drills of Chi Sao wrist to wrist contact of the two hands.

As your insight into Wing Chun develops you’ll end up making your own particular drills, circling forward and backward through all that you have learnt from your Lat Sao and Chi Sao Programs.

3 Basic Wing Chun Training Workout Exercises for Beginners

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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