3 Most DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense

3 Most DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense

The customary meaning of a weight point is a point that, when weight is connected, produces devastating agony. This is learnt in a Chinese military workmanship called Dim Mak in light of needle therapy weight focuses, however this craftsmanship is extremely limited and needs and comprehension of Chinese needle therapy focuses. Along these lines, this article can just give data on delicate zones that we’ll call powerless focuses. This is utilized to abuse a shortcoming or weakness in the human body to pick up favorable position over a rival. When utilizing these weight focuses one must be especially watchful as it is anything but difficult to murder somebody coincidentally, for example, a companion or even a foe. By then, you enter the lawful framework, which by and large does not know whether you were extremely guarding yourself or were really the assailant, and at times, that may not by any means matter. This prompts the point that, more vital than the system, is the outlook that you use in preparing, which is, obviously an individual philosophical choice, however one which requires much idea and thought of when what you rehearse must be put to utilize.

Find out about the body’s exceptionally helpless zones: These are normally known as weight focuses. The focuses incorporate the eyes, the crotch, the shins, and so on. As a rule, things to consider include:

  • Utilize kicks that utilization the wide of your foot for the shins (on the off chance that you know them) as they will make it harder to miss.
  • Draw your foot back immediately when kicking to the crotch so your foot won’t be gotten. The nose is effortlessly broken with any strike.

3 Most DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense


The sanctuaries are the most slender piece of the skull, so a decent blow here (one-knuckle punch is perfect) can cause blackout, draining, or even demise. Don’t really hit a preparation band together with this move.

When this zone is hit, the casualty might be rendered oblivious, now and again dead. This can be accomplished utilizing a “phoenix eye” punch which includes expanding the pointer (scan online for a picture). Try not to endeavor to utilize this punch unless you are in certifiable risk.


The most effortless approach to hit is likely with a blade hand (karate hack) turned up side down. A clench hand will experience difficulty fitting between the jaw and collarbone. You can likewise snatch and crush the throat, and even give it a decent yank to separate it and make breathing outlandish. That is, obviously, very deadly and ought to be utilized just if all else fails when there is no other option.

Under the jaw: Grab the neck on the front and reach under the jaw. Crush while squeezing upward.

Lower arm/hole

The hole of your lower arm is made totally of muscles and ligaments, so there’s parts to work with. Snatch the elbow with your thumb to finish everything. Place your fingers on the back of the elbow for a decent hold. press the tip of your thumb toward the tips of your file or center finger. You need to strengthen the thumb with your fingers, or you’ll lose use. Press the thumb into the center of the fissure, into either side of the hole, or into the protuberance on the external lower arm framed when you make a clench hand (the brachioradialis). Explore different avenues regarding this one. It can be fairly precarious.3 Most DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense

3 Most DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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