9 Wing Chun Dummy Training Techniques (Mook Jong)

9 Wing Chun Dummy Training Techniques (Mook Jong)

How to master wing chun wooden sham preparing strategies?

Take in the tenderfoots preparing drill creating one strategy.

Here are the initial 9 moves in the ip man 116 move wooden sham shape.

1. Raising hand (re-battling stance)

2. Neck pulling hand

3. Right bong sau

4. Right tan sau

5. Left low palm

6. High Low Gan Sau

7. Kwun Sau

8. Left tan sau, right low palm

9. High low gan sau

The significance of that old Chinese saying is self-evident: The way to achieving the most abnormal amounts of any military craftsmanship is hone. Just by executing a large number of redundancies of your style’s pieces, kicks and strikes will you have the capacity to utilize your methodologies and systems in a characteristic and unconstrained way. Without that sort of readiness, in a battle you’ll be compelled to consider what you ought to do next when you should do it.

Customary wing chun kung fu teachers address the requirement for training by accentuating to their understudies the significance of building up their reflexes. They stipulate, in any case, that you can’t depend on simply any arrangement of rehashed developments to sharpen your capacity to safeguard yourself. To guarantee that you react with ideal planning, adjust and exactness, you have to take in the lessons of the wooden sham and incorporate it into your wing chun preparing.

Enter the Wooden Dummy

For over two centuries, the battling priests of China’s Shaolin Temple have utilized smart preparing gadgets to supplement their combative techniques training. Legends tell that the old southern Shaolin Temple in Fujian territory highlighted a one of a kind gathering of man-made warriors.

“There was a passageway that comprised of 108 wooden fakers speaking to 108 distinctive assaulting systems,” a wing chun preparing master and Black Belt Hall of Fame part. “The priests would move a few doors down and hone their resistances and counterattacks on them.”

After the Manchus wrecked the sanctuary three centuries back, one of only a handful few surviving bosses, a religious woman named Ng Mui, built a preparation gadget in light of the standards of those fakers. “The situating of the three arms and one leg of the wooden sham was intended for 108 particular strategies parallel to the 108 systems performed on the first fakers.”

In the days of yore, fakers were assembled utilizing a substantial focal trunk — once in a while as long as 9 feet — with a decreased base, he proceeds. “An opening would be dove in the ground, and the sham would be covered around 3 feet or 4 feet profound with rock stuffed around it.” “The rock would give way somewhat when the wooden sham was struck keeping in mind the end goal to mollify the specialist’s contact point.”

In customary Shaolin kung fu, hard contact with a preparation sham was utilized to condition the specialist’s arms in planning for battle. Albeit some military craftsmen still go for that objective, wing chun preparing does not concentrate on reaching the gadget’s wooden extremities. Rather, it utilizes the sham to ingrain the capacity to divert or discharge a rival’s power. This guideline is especially essential for individuals who must battle off a bigger or more grounded aggressor or who just wish to utilize a more productive and liquid technique for safeguard.

9 Wing Chun Dummy Training Techniques (Mook Jong)

Receive the Rewards in Your Wing Chun Training

Wooden-sham exercises enable you to build up every one of the ascribes expected to realize wing chun’s abstain from utilizing power against-compel guideline: revise edge (of avoidance), adjust, precision, timing, portability, situating, speed, stream and power. Be that as it may, the preparation likewise invests you with various different aptitudes and capacities.

Maybe the most evident is durability. “Since wing chun utilizes the palms and lower arms to square kicks — for instance, the moving piece and the cross-arm piece — it’s important to toughen these weapons, and that is the thing that wooden-sham preparing does,” William Cheung says.

Despite the fact that the sham is a lifeless thing, it can in any case enable you to clean your visual and contact reflexes amid wing chun preparing. It does as such by showing you how to execute squares and hits working together with each other, in this manner making them practically synchronous repel and-counter blends. Just before you execute your counterstrike, there’s a snapshot of contact when your repel diverts the approaching blow — or the arm of the wooden sham that speaks to the appendage of the aggressor. This contact is your prompt to release your strike. To an eyewitness, in any case, your full-speed piece and strike seem to arrive at the same time.

After some time, reaching the sham turns into your trigger to dispatch a counterattack. The outcome is the advancement of your contact reflexes, which constitute a fundamental component of genuine battle capability.

Utilizing the wooden sham in your wing chun preparing likewise constructs your visual reflexes. It requires somewhat more creative energy and center than does the honing of your contact reflexes, be that as it may, for you should imagine not to realize what comes next in the frame you’re doing. By enabling yourself to be astounded by the following strike, you constrain your eyes to outwardly bolt onto your wooden rival before following up.

9 Wing Chun Dummy Training Techniques (Mook Jong)

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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