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“A lot of fun learning and getting in shape together with my son!”
​​​​​​​​​​“A lot of fun learning and getting in shape together with my son!”





Combative Wing Chun Vancouver is the only martial arts school in the world With the “Accelerated Wing Chun Program” That teaches Chinese kung fu and culture with realistic self-defense in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We are wing chun martial arts school based in Canada, founded by Sifu David, who has been training martial arts since 2007.

Our members include teens, college students, university students, parents and their children, working individuals, self-employed individuals, business owners and more.

Our training hall is in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we also provide training worldwide through our Accelerated Wing Chun online wing chun school and our Wing Chun DVD series.

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Free Wing Chun DVD

Free Wing Chun DVD

Our Wing Chun Combatants Creed

I am a wing chun combatant.

I am focussed forward. I turn fear into fuel. I push through the pain. I never give up. I finish what I start. I master myself and my fate.

Wing Chun Classes at Wing Chun Martial Arts Vancouver, BC

Developing Self-Esteem at Combative Wing Chun in Vancouver, BC Low self-esteem is a result of lack of self-confidence. We set goals for our martial arts students that can help them increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Our students can turn from the most shy, quiet and uncertain newbies, to strong and confident martial artist with the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

Learning Self-Discipline at Combative Wing Chun in Vancouver, BC Self-discipline is one of the main objective in martial arts training. We teach our students about patience and perseverance. They can learn how to control instant gratification or that feeling of satisfaction especially for children. In order to be great leaders, they also need to be good followers and it’s one of the main principles that can be learned through our training. We always push them to do the best that they can in everything they do to succeed in life.

Making Habits of Physical Fitness Feel better by getting used to better habits. Combative Wing Chun in Vancouver, BC will improve your lifestyle when it comes to physical and mental fitness. We put together a fun, exciting and unique training regimen instead of the usual boring and repetitive workouts. This will keep our students interested and will help them absorb better what they learn in training.

Developing a Sense of Respect One of the foundations of martial arts training is respect. Our students will learn the value of self-respect and respect for one another. We normally see lack of respect for one another especially in our society today. We are proud of how our students have high level of respect for one another and how they can carry it on throughout our community.