Accelerated Wing Chun Program

What is it?

  • A fast-paced, Intensive training program for Adults (13+) who like a challenge and want to learn wing chun the fastest way
  • 12 simple and repeatable modules designed to arm you with essential self defense skills and give you the tools to improve your Wing Chun for a lifetime
  • Practical training!  What you learn in the class today is what you can use in a fight tonight!
  • Less focus on theory, philosophy, history and concepts

What you will learn…

  • The Complete first form in Wing Chun: “Siu Lim Tao”, the way Yip Man taught it in Hong Kong since 1967
  • 3 Unique ways to practice the form at home that will triple your energy and power
  • 7 Stances for training balance, strength and power
  • 12 wing chun kung fu concepts and mindsets that will make you better at martial arts and everything else, like your personal life, school or career
  • 12 most common attacks you will encounter in real life and simple and effective self-defense techniques to protect yourself against them
  • The secret to overcoming fear
  • How to keep yourself physically safe and also LEGALLY safe
  • 5 best wing chun punches/strikes
  • 2 best wing chun kicks
  • 7 best wing chun blocks
  • 2 best grappling techniques
  • How to fight bigger and stronger opponents
  • How to fight multiple opponents
  • How to fight under pressure and when you are tired and scared
  • How to win and end fights in the matter of seconds
  • And much more!

Who’s it for?

  • Busy people who don’t have time, and want to get as much as possible from the training time that they have
  • People who want to save time and money by training their mind, body and spirit all in one place
  • People who like to learn by doing and take action to achieve their goals

What is the goal of this program?

  • To arm you with tools needed against the most common self-defense scenarios in real life
  • To stretch you outside of your comfort zones mentally and physically
  • To keep it simple enough to be learned quickly and remembered easily
  • To increase your fitness level
  • To do it within 12 modules

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*** FAQ ***

Can I start at any module?

Yes, you can start at any module since the modules are repeated every 12 weeks.

What happens after the 12 modules?

Most students take the 12 modules multiple times before getting certified and advancing to the next levels.

Can I get a certificate?

You can take a test to get certified! We hold sash testing 4 times per year. March, June, September, December.

How many levels are there?

There are 10 Levels and 2 Instructor Levels
Modules 1-12 has enough training material to get you to level 4.

I can only make it to one class a week, is that ok?

Yes, you can take one class a week and still be able to complete all 12 modules , since we teach 1 module per week.

What if I miss a class/module?

You can

  • Attend another class of the same module if it’s available that week,
  • Learn the material you missed over the course of your training
  • Don’t miss the module in the next 12 week rotation
  • Take a private lesson

Can I really learn wing chun in this short period of time?

Yes, you can!  Our training uses the most effective teaching methods to install new skills and reflexes into you.  We give you the tools, and it’s up to you to practice and use them.

I really don’t have any experience, will this be hard?

YES, if you don’t have experience, it will be hard.  There is a sharp learning curve in this class, and many cannot keep up with the intensity. You can say that this class is not for everyone.  However, if you are an active person, likes challenges, or did some martial arts as a kid, then this program is perfect for you.

This is too hard for me. Is there an easier program?

Yes! If you want a less demanding class, we recommend you join our Wing Chun 101 class instead.

I actually only want to learn wing chun concepts, theory, philosophies at a slower, relaxed pace.

No problem, we recommend joining our Wing Chun 101 class instead.

What’s the difference between the Accelerated Wing Chun Program and Wing Chun 101?

Accelerated wing chun is more intensive and physically demanding, and includes more realistic drills and scenario training that may not be suitable for the elderly, kids or people with injuries or physical ailments.  It is a fast-paced and high-energy class that is the shortcut to learning how to defend yourself and training your mental toughness.
Wing Chun 101 focuses on the concepts, fundamentals, and philosophies that give you a deeper understanding of the martial art and is less physically demanding and is in a more relaxed atmosphere.  It is suitable for all ages (8+) and all fitness levels.

Can I enrol in both programs at the same time (AWC & WC101)?

Yes!  We offer a bundle price if you enrol in both classes.  Please inquire in class.



“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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