Bruce Lee SIX PACK Training – Bruce Lee 6Pack Workout

Bruce Lee SIX PACK Training – Bruce Lee 6Pack Workout

“My strength comes from the abdomen. It’s the center of gravity and the source of real power.” – Bruce Lee

Learn how to do Bruce Lee’s Workout, this video gives you his extreme abdominal training. Here’s an actual Bruce Lee’s Six Pack Abdominal Workout:

Sit up Twist

  • Lie on your back with your knees somewhat bowed. Keep the bottoms of your feet level on the floor and softly touch your sanctuaries with your hand.
  • Lift up your middle and curve to one side until the point when your left elbow touches your correct knee. Come back to your beginning position in a controlled manner.
  • Rehash the development on the contrary side and keep, expanding every reiteration.

Leg Raises

  • At that point let them withdraw, being mindful so as to keep your developments measured. The arrival excursion ought to be at a similar pace at which you raised your legs. Lower them until the point that they’re floating simply over the ground, and afterward raise them once more. Shoot for three arrangements of 10 reps, or just do the greatest number of raises as you can – keeping the pace consistent – in a set time as a component of a circuit.
  • In case you’re attempting to do even 10 customary leg raises, you can make the development somewhat less demanding by bowing your legs at right points when you lift. Once your thighs are opposite to your body, attempt and fix your legs to point at the roof.
  • A decent approach to guarantee you’re keeping your developments enduring, and test your leg-raising capacities, is to set a metronome running and do the activity in time with the beat. At 50bpm, you should lift on one beat and lower on the second. Attempt and stay with the beat for a moment, rest for 30 seconds and do it once more.



Bruce Lee SIX PACK Training - Bruce Lee 6Pack Workout

V Sit-up

  • Begin in a situated position with your knees bowed and feet off the floor. Your chest ought to be open and lifted. This is like a changed Boat posture in yoga.
  • With your arms by your sides, gradually unfurl from your situated v by all the while bringing down your middle and legs toward the floor. Stop when your legs are around a 45-degree point, or when you feel your lower back curve far from the floor. Make sure to keep your take and shoulders off the floor and your lower back squeezed into the tangle.
  • With your center tight and tucked, utilize your abs to come back to the beginning position.
  • Rehash for one moment. Keep your abs connected with as you play out this move, rather than depending on gravity; in the event that it gets too hard, at that point keep your knees twisted as you drop down.

Side Bends (R/L)

  • Stand up straight while holding a dumbbell on the left hand (palms confronting the middle) as you have the correct hand holding your abdomen. Your feet ought to be set at bear width. This will be your beginning position.
  • While holding your back straight and your head up, twist just at the abdomen to the great as could be allowed. Take in as you twist to the side. At that point hold for a moment and return up to the beginning position as you breathe out. Tip: Keep whatever remains of the body stationary.
  • Presently rehash the development however bowing to one side. Hold for a moment and return to the beginning position.
  • Rehash for the prescribed measure of reiterations and after that change hands.

Alert: Refrain from utilizing this activity if your obliques have a tendency to develop effectively as wide obliques detract from your symmetry.


Frog Kicks

  • Rests on the seat with your hips on the edge and your legs tucked underneath. Make sure to hold the seat solidly underneath you.
  • Completely broaden the two legs straight out and get the meuscle in your lower back and rump toward the finish of the development.
  • Maneuver your knees over into the tucked position and reapeat activity.

Leaning Twists

  • Locate a long stick or post, for example, a broomstick with the take contorted off. Hold the stick over the back of your neck and shoulders so it’s parallel with the floor. Place your hands about twice as wide as shoulder-width separated.
  • Stand erect with your feet bear width separated and your knees straight.
  • Twist forward from your midsection at around a 90-degree edge. This is the beginning position.
  • Turn on your right side and endeavor to touch the stick’s left tip to your correct foot. In one ceaseless movement, come back to the beginning position, at that point quickly turn the other way, endeavoring to touch the correct end of the adhere to one side foot. Backpedal to the beginning position to finish one reiteration. Play out the developments smoothly and rapidly. Try not to rest between reps.
  • Perform 50 redundancies in the event that you can. Something else, work your way up to 50.

Roman Chair Sit-ups

  • Snare your feet under the cushion and get an agreeable position in the seat. Ensure your legs are tied down under the foot cushion.
  • Gradually enable the storage compartment of your body to sink beneath parallel, than raise go down to the beginning position.

Bruce Lee SIX PACK Training - Bruce Lee 6Pack Workout

Dragon Flags

  • Lie on a decrease or level seat and snatch its edge behind your head with the two hands. Make pressure all through your body, beginning with your traps, lats, and arms, and on down through your center and legs.
  • Swing your feet upward until the point that your body is practically vertical (your shoulder bones will remain planted on the seat).
  • Keep your center tight and your body as straight as would be prudent while pointing undetermined. Gradually lower your feet under control until the point that they are simply over the seat, or to the extent you can to begin. Lift your legs go down noticeable all around again to finish a rep.

Tip: Increase the trouble by performing half reps to a 45° edge, which nixes the flashing rest at the best, or by delaying the activity at different focuses amid the scope of movement. Doing as such will give a strong test to your balancing out muscles.

SIX PACK Bruce Lee Workout!

Bruce Lee SIX PACK Training – Bruce Lee 6Pack Workout

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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