Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun vs Ip Man vs Jeet Kune DO

Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun vs Ip Man vs Jeet Kune DO

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do versus Yip Man Wing Chun Techniques

Ip Man prepared Bruce Lee in wing chun. Later Bruce built up his own style in view of wing chun and a few other hand to hand fighting called Jeet Kune Do (JKD for short) or interpreted as “the method for the catching clench hand”.

Bruce Lee adjusted the ideas he gained from howl man to adjust it to his style and needs. In this video I clarify a few contrasts in the way they do chi sau, or sticky hands.

There have been various remarks skimming around on the web in the previous quite a long while concerning Jeet Kune Do and its relationship to Wing Chun Gung Fu. Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t. I’d jump at the chance to examine two such remarks that I emphatically feel should be tended to.

The first is that some Wing Chun professionals have inferred (some specifically, others in a roundabout way) that JKD is an equivalent word for, or simple variety of, Wing Chun Gung Fu. The second is that Bruce Lee never took in the entire Wing Chun framework, and that in the event that he did, he could never have created JKD. The first is just inaccurate, the second is over the top.

I kept running into an exceptionally pleasant man as of late at a military occasion who happened to be a professional and instructor of Wing Chun. Amid our discussion he kept stubbornly saying that “Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, they’re the a similar thing… ” I understood that it would require substantially more investment than I needed to talk about with him the reasons why they were not, so I grinned pleasantly and enabled him to proceed on.

The truth of the matter is, that from the time Lee touched base in Seattle, he started to change his established Wing Chun strategy. He started to modify the positions, points and places of his Wing Chun strategies, likewise including longer-run kicking systems from a portion of the northern gung fu styles. Why? Nobody can state for certain. Maybe it might have had a remark with the way that in the U.S. he ended up managing rivals who were regularly greater and more grounded than he had managed in Hong Kong. After some time, Lee disposed of many “center” components of Wing Chun strategy and additionally engrossing diverse strategies and standards from other confrontational expressions both Eastern and Western, building up his own particular preparing techniques and rationality that shaped an enormous break between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee's Wing Chun vs Ip Man vs Jeet Kune DO

In the book “Wing Chun Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do – A Comparison (Vol. 1)” which is co-created by William Cheung (WCGF) and Ted Wong (JKD), under the area “Causes of Jeet Kune Do one can read the accompanying –

“Wing Chun does in fact shape the establishment of Jeet Kune Do in idea, yet not in character. There are many Wing Chun standards in JKD which were taken totally unaltered or were changed: economy of movement, certainty, concurrent assault and protection, non-restriction of power, the centerline, and the four corners. However, Bruce likewise added numerous new measurements to his framework. His battling strategy in the long run veered so distant from Wing Chun he renamed it Jeet Kune Do.”1

Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun vs Ip Man vs Jeet Kune DO

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