Why Wing Chun is Backwards…

Don’t worry –

Wing Chun is not one of those fictional mumbo – jumbo movie arts that solely appear on TV but have no actual use in reality.

On the contrary, it is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts that is designed to be as efficient and powerful as possible.

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Oh – and did we mention it is the World’s first Martial Art designed by a woman according to legend?

Wing Chun focuses on close-ranged offense as defense, using striking and trapping as its main approaches. It was designed in a way that even the smallest of persons can effectively use it in order to subdue larger opponents and overcome someone larger who is stronger.

It’s Bruce Lee’s favorite style, and follows the tradition of his master before him, Yip Man.

You must be thinking: “it must take years to learn!”

Not really –

Wing Chun was actually designed BACKWARDS…

It teaches you how to win fights in the first 2 forms. The 3rd and 4th forms teach you what to do when you are losing. So it was designed to be learned and applied quickly.

With our Accelerated Wing Chun Program, we have innovated further to design a system that teaches the most important and most practical techniques and concepts that you will be able to use IMMEDIATELY, not 3 years from now.

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-Sifu David

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