Cancellation Policy:

We understand that life may throw you curve balls as such we keep a simple cancellation policy. Whatever is left on your contract will be charged 50% and then we call it even. For example, you have 6 months left on a 1 year contract. We will charge you for 3 months (Based on your regular monthly payments) in a one time payment and then cancel the rest.

Full Policy:

“Cancellation will result in payment of 50% of the money owed remaining on the contract. If due to unforeseen medical reasons or injury we will postpone your contract so long as medical proof is provided and you notify us within 2 weeks of the injury whether or not it occurs training with us. Failure to inform us of an injury or medical problem within 2 weeks of the issue occurring will result in normal contract payments until the end of the contract whether or not you participate in class. If for whatever other unforeseen reasons you cannot come to class we will postpone your contract for a maximum of two months, provided you give us two weeks previous notice. After the maximum of two months has passed your contract will resume regardless of whether or not you return to class.

Life Leave:

We understand that sometimes for whatever reason life just gets in the way. For such an event we can postpone your contract to a maximum of 2 months. After that your contract will continue or the standard cancellation policy applies.

Medical Leave:

If you have an injury for whatever reason we postponed your contract provided you give us a legitimate doctors note or sufficient equivalent evidence. Every two months we re-look at your medical status. If you can come back your contract will continue, if you cannot, due to medical reasons but intend to come back we will continue to postpone the contract provided you give us sufficient evidence. If you simply cannot ever come back, do not intend to come back or we do not hear from you then the standard cancellation policy applies.