(Lesson 12 of 12) – FINAL EXAM!

Day 12 – Final Exam!

Accelerated Wing Chun Module 2-19 Vertical Flinch Demo

Did I get you nervous when I said the word “exam”?

I always cringe when I hear that word.

Don’t worry there is no exam, I’m just kidding… but it does bring up an important point.

The point is about “testing”.

Why is testing important?

Well, in martial arts, unless we test, we will never know if something works or not.

In my school, we are always testing, my style is always evolving.

Sometimes I spend weeks developing a technique and then decide to get rid of it altogether when I find that it doesn’t work as well as something else.

When we become emotionally attached to our techniques, we become stagnant do not improve ourselves. If it happens to you, your mind is what holds you back from the potential of what you can be.

So test and keep an open mind, only then will you keep growing.

Oh yeah, in this lesson, we jump to the end of module 2, where we start to combine all the pieces that our students learned up to that point. If you are not a Accelerated Wing Chun online member yet, you won’t have all the pieces you need to know how to do these drills and develop an effective fighting sequence.

But I wanted to let you see it anyway, so you have an idea of where you will be when you become a member and practice the material.

So take a look at the video lesson. It’s only a sample of module 2. It teaches how to dish out a “Relentless Attack! How to Be Like a Tidal Wave” There’s 12 modules in this course which will bring you to Level 4 in our Combative Wing Chun system.

I hope by now you can appreciate the huge scope of this course and how valuable it actually is…

Let me remind you that there are 141 lessons that you get instant access to in the online course and 188 videos that you get over time in our Accelerated Wing Chun Modules 1-12.

That’s 329 lessons!

So if you’re looking to become a part of our exciting, supportive and fun community and take yourself to the next level and beyond.. then look no further and join our online program now!

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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