(Lesson 6 of 12) – Content versus Process

Day 6… We’re half-way through our lessons.

Wing Chun 101-7: Wing Chun Form Siu Lim Tao Section 1 Details

What have you learned so far?

My guess is you’ve been watching a ton of youtube wing chun videos since you got interested in wing chun.

It’s ok, I do that too!

It’s good to get motivation and inspiration and even good techniques from watching videos online. You can get a lot of content.

The down side to that however, is that content is just content, getting more doesn’t make you a better martial artists, and it doesn’t physically improve you (it might even make you a coach potato!)

You must have a PROCESS. A process where you can effectively learn a skill and actually apply it in real life, and improve it over time. It involves, practice, testing, adapting and becoming proficient.

If you’re constantly distracted by the next coolest thing, or the next coolest kung fu move, or even watch someone on youtube show you how they do it, you will still be stuck at your level and never move forward.

Do you know the difference between knowing “what” to do, versus knowing “how” to do it?

For example, before you drove a car did you know “what” to do, or did you know “how”?

Think for a second…

It’s not until you ACTUALLY started driving the car that you truly know “how”, right?

But wait, if you kept crashing into things at that point, did you really know “how” to drive the car?

So when could you honestly say that you know “how” to drive?

Probably when you could consistently do it successfully without crashing.

So you see, there is actually a BIG gap between knowing “what” and know “how”.

Right now there are 500,000+ wing chun videos on youtube, you can watch them all and get a ton of content – you will get a lot of “what”, but unless you practice (a process) and have a system of improving and a way to test (also part of a process) that you can successfully perform techniques consistently, then that means you have yet to actually know “HOW”.

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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