(Lesson 7 of 12) – How to Synchronize Your Hands and Feet

Day 7 – here we go!

Accelerated Wing Chun Module 1-7: chain punch with footwork

People often make fun of wing chun people.

They say that their punches are weak and flimsy and that they don’t know how to move so they get run over.

And embarrassingly, it’s true.

Most wing chun schools’ footwork training is virtually non-existent.

That’s why in each of our live classes we do punching and footwork drills.

And I encourage you to do them often as well at home.

Synchronizing your strikes with your steps will double your striking power with no extra effort. All it takes is just timing and coordination.

It also helps you move around effortlessly, which is especially needed when you have to fight more than 1 person.

Watch this lesson and start practicing!

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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