(Lesson 9 of 12) – The Secret of Offensive Defense

Welcome to Day 9, my aspiring student…

Accelerated Wing Chun Module 1-18: Simultaneous Pak Punch Drill Combination

Can I ask you a question?

What is the best defense?

When asked this question, most will answer “Offense”!

And in most cases, this simple response is proven to be true.

How does wing chun take this principle to a whole new level?

How about being able to attack offensively with “built-in” defense?

This can be hard to grasp, because in conventional martial arts, you either attack (punch), or you defend (block). How can you do them at the same time?

Well, in fact, many wing chun techniques do exactly that…

For example, within a certain wing chun punch, there is a hidden technique that prevents your opponent from launching a counterattack.

Or… with a certain wing chun block, it is actually the same motion that is used for a direct attack!

Ingenious… isn’t it?

Talk about efficiency!

Confused? Good, now you can learn better…

Check out this lesson.

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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