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About Our Martial Arts Instructor

About Combative Wing Chun (温哥华咏春堂)

Combative Wing Chun is the only martial arts school in the world With the “Accelerated Wing Chun Program” That teaches Chinese kung fu and culture with realistic self-defense in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We are martial arts school based in Canada, founded by Sifu David, who has been training martial arts since 2007.

Our members include teens, college students, university students, parents and their children, working individuals, self-employed individuals, business owners and more.

Our training hall is in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we also provide training worldwide through our online wing chun school and our DVD instructional courses.

Who is Sifu David (黄师傅)?

Sifu David a.k.a. “The Mind and Body Mentor”, is one of the most influential and respected teachers in the personal success and development space.
David has always had a fighting spirit even at a young age and comes from a family with a deep martial arts heritage.  As a physically smaller kid he was often bullied by the larger kids in his school. Fortunately, he would fight back which eventually caused the bullies to leave him alone.
Later in his life however, he was severely assaulted which led him to take martial arts training more seriously.  It didn’t take long for him to gain the techniques and confidence needed to defend himself effectively.
In additional to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student and also 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has studied with masters from around the world, from various martial arts styles from wing chun, jeet kune do, tai chi, chinese kung fu to jiu jitsu and military combatives.
It is his passion and life goal to continually stretch his limits to attain knowledge, wisdom, success and new abilities while helping others in the process who are searching for their path.
His training style is unique as it transforms not just the body, but also the mind and spirit.  He takes transformation to a whole new level with insight on meditation, body-electrics (chi), and spiritual technology.
He is truly one of the extremely rare teachers who successfully blends ancient martial arts principles into modern day life, spirituality and personal success.

martial arts instructor
Martial Arts Instructor – Sifu David

Why Should You Learn From Sifu David?

Sifu David is certified in multiple martial arts systems and self defense training programs and has been practicing martial arts since 2007. He also is a…

  • Trained as a 3rd Generation Student of Bruce Lee
  • Trained as 3rd Generation Student of Yip Man
  • Completed 14-day military hand-to-hand combat training (more training than most US Special Forces)
  • Has over 1000 hours of coaching and teaching experience
  • Trained over 5000 students worldwide

His passion in martial arts, personal improvement and leadership development is what drives him to establish Combative Wing Chun Martial Arts as a place to help others achieve their personal goals, overcome obstacles and succeed in their own lives.

In Sifu David’s own words, here are

10 More Cool Things About Him…

  • At age 9, he fell over the stair railings and cracked his head open, the surgeons said that there was only a 50% chance of survival, but thank God, after 8 hours of surgery and 24 hours of unconsciousness, he pulled through (with no apparent brain damage 😉
  • He cured himself from a chronic digestive disease (doctors say there is no cure) in 2016! And he did it with the help of qi gong and meditation!
  • He is the CEO of an app development company that has created hundreds of apps with over 21,000,000 downloads!
  • At 21, with no formal legal training, he won a court hearing against a professional lawyer
  • He can comfortably submerge in an ice bath for 2 minutes
  • His record for holding his breath is 4 min 32 seconds!
  • He can break an inch-thick wooden board at extreme close range effortlessly!
  • He is the creator and innovator of Combative Wing Chun training system!

What Makes CWC Radically Different From Any Other School?

  • Combative Wing Chun is not a traditional Wing Chun school
  • We don’t focus on theories and concepts
  • We don’t teach techniques that takes years to learn, look fancy, but don’t work in a real fight
  • We don’t train for competitive martial arts, we train for the real world, a world with NO RULES
  • We don’t force you into a mould, we encourage you to take what you learn and adapt it to your own style
  • We don’t hold back on teaching you the best techniques and stunt your progress in order make you stay longer
What is Combative Wing Chun?
  • A unique style that combines Ip Man wing chun, Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do, chinese kung fu, and military combatives for self defense.
  • A highly experimental system that strips away the non-essentials for real world self defense.
  • A fast-paced, Intensive training program for adults who like a challenge and want to learn wing chun the fastest way.
  • 12 simple and repeatable modules designed to arm you with essential self defense skills and give you the tools to improve your Wing Chun for a lifetime.
  • Practical training!  What you learn in the class today is what you can use in a fight tonight!

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