NOT Your Typical Martial Arts School!

Combative Wing Chun is far from your typical martial arts school.

What makes us so radically different from every school out there?

Combative Wing Chun is the ONLY martial arts school in the world that…

  • Has The Accelerated Wing Chun Program
  • Combines Chinese kung fu and culture with realistic self defense
  • Teaches self-mastery and life skills
  • AND also has a family-friendly atmosphere

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Most martial arts schools with start with teaching you theory, before moving on to forms and stances, and then after a number of years you get to learn how to fight. Part of the reason is that they cover a wide variety of techniques and moves before putting them into practice.

While we certainly respect this approach, theory is not what’s going to save you from someone attacking you NOW. You probably recognize this too, and might want something more practical to start with.

We teach you how to fight first, by providing classes that are:

  • Realistic and practical
  • Fast paced
  • Mentally and physically challenging
  • A blend of Chinese kung fu and modern self-protection
  • Safe, fun and family-friendly

How Does Combative Wing Chun Compare to Other Martial Arts Styles?

There is a multitude of fighting styles you can choose from:

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… The list goes on.

While all those styles are phenomenal fighting methods that Sifu David has also trained in, they are limited to fighting in a “SPORT” based setting, i.e. using protective equipment, gloves, a referee, time limit, rules, weight classes, etc.

If you have an interest or bias towards those styles, then by all means go and learn them, we can even refer you to some great instructors.

However, if you want something unique that combines REALISTIC SELF DEFENSE with WING CHUN and SELF-MASTERY, then no other school other than Combative Wing Chun can offer that to you.                                                           

Remember, in real life, there are…
  • No protective gear
  • No referees
  • No time limits
  • No preparation time
  • No weight classes

More importantly, with enough training, Combative Wing Chun teaches you how to use internal power and strength that doesn’t come from “big muscles”, so that you are able to defend yourself against otherwise larger and stronger opponents in real life situations.

Want to learn a genuinely practical martial art?

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“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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