Our Students Are Crazy

Our students are serious, determined learners who have a certain winning attitude about them.


I think they are a crazy bunch to be training at our school.

Because most people don’t like to push beyond their comfort zones. They will come to a class and decide it’s too hard for them and give up before they start.

However, some DO stay and keep coming back class after class for more abuse (oops, I meant “training”). Those are the types of students in our classes!

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Here’s what a few of them had to say about their time with us:

“I feel more inner confidence. I enjoy the teamwork in training, the sense of community. I like the practical methods taught. I feel I am able to apply myself to the exercises, which in turn trains me to apply myself to life.”
-Yutaka W.

“I feel stronger over my entire body, my stamina is WAY better now and my confidence is just soaring!”
-Brendan M.

“Sifu David is a very helpful trainer. His training is more practical – for real life situations. ”-Nigel M.

“Really enjoyed my experience in class. The teacher took the time to show me how to do each move properly, using the right form and technique. Highly recommended!”
-Richard J.

“The training with Sifu David is fantastic, the realistic testing and sparring at the end of class is what makes the BIG DIFFERENCE!”
-Stephen M.

“CWC is special because it’s not like anything I’ve learned before but effective.”
-Will B.

“I gained strength, discipline and got in better shape… Confident I can defend myself now.”
-Carlos H.

“The teacher knows what he’s doing. I’ve trained in other fighting styles but this one is special and I love it.”
-Devin W.

“Sifu David is a good teacher—he’s energetic, and provides clear explanations.”
-Dragos D.

“Everyone is very open, and the environment is safe when working with your training partner.”
-Mar K.

“I found the accelerated class to be perfect for my son, who wouldn’t have the patience for a traditional kung fu class. He really likes the fast-paced curriculum which is giving him more confidence.”
-Jarret & Noah

“Sifu David’s classes feel very welcoming and very humble.”
-Liam L.

Thinking Wing Chun might be for you?

Slow down a sec.

We’ll be frank—We don’t need new students.

We do, however, welcome serious students who are honestly looking to improve themselves and their lives.

At Combative Wing Chun, we’re building a family. We train dedicated students who are committed and teachable. No excuses.

What we offer isn’t some run-of-the-mill program. We give you a challenge. It’s not just about throwing a punch—We push you to improve yourself, to move away from empty pursuits towards doing something meaningful and rewarding. We want to see you succeed and improve your life, to feel healthy and young.

This is what it means to be part of our family.

Sounds like your kind of place?

Start your training today!

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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