yutakaI feel more inner confidence. I enjoy the teamwork in training, the sense of community. I like the practical methods taught. I feel I am able to apply myself to the exercises, which in turn trains me to apply myself to life.

-Yutaka W.

willCWC has been great as far as being a challenge. I feel my stamina has improved. I find myself practicing whenever I have a moment to myself. I love being able to practice with multiple opponents. CWC is special because it’s not like anything I’ve learned before but effective.

-Will B.

brendanI feel stronger over my entire body,
my stamina is WAY better now and my confidence is just soaring!

-Brendan M.

carlosI gained strength, discipline and got in better shape… Confident I can defend myself now.

-Carlos H.

nigelMy focus and reaction time is getting better as well as my core strength. This is the most fun I have had doing martial arts! I really enjoy the group drills, and my body is getting better at absorbing attacks!

-Nigel M.

I found the class to be great, everyone was so friendly and nice. The teacher knows what he’s doing. I training in other fighting styles but this one is special and I love it.

-Devin W.

I like you because you’re a good teacher, you’re energetic, clear in explanations. i’m a black belt in shotokan karate, and i’d allways been amazed by ninjas, samurais, ancient asia and Bruce Lee in special, since i was at a very young age. i started to learn, teach myself just by watching clips on youtube with him and figh tscenes from his movies, just by observing his movement, with no one to explain it. i alone realized many of the “tricks” that compose the art of fighting, how to use all your body muscles, how to transfer energy. i am passionate about bruce lee, i even got his book, Tao of JKD, ” The Expanded Edition”. then i started following you, and you seemed a pretty good teacher so i stayed, and will stay around, because i figured out many things about martial arts and fighting alone, but it’d be faster, and better to hear second thoughts and new point of views. yea so that’s why i like you, you’re a good teacher, energetic, good at explaining, and i’m also very passionate about martial arts and their philosophy… and even if there’s no more free passes from the give away, there’s always nice to let the good people know that you appreciate them :))

-Dragos Dumitrache.

Really enjoyed my experience in class.. learned a lot in just one class… highly recommended… I really want to thank you for taking the time to show me how to due each move properly and using the right form and technique.

-Richard J.

I’m confident in this class.  Sifu David is sending us a good message!  I think he makes a great teacher because he takes time to correct us when doing it wrong and actually pays attention to us.

-Carlos H.

I’ve trained other styles like muay thai, they are really good (for sport fighting), but they don’t stress techniques to use on street. I like how we train to fight multiple opponents.  Sifu David is a very helpful trainer.  His training is more practical – for real life situations.  He has a hands-on approach and considers how techniques measure up to other styles.  He is open-minded and unlike traditional wing chun that trains only wing chun vs wing chun.

-Nigel M.

I like the loose feel of the class. It’s practical and physical. Everyone is very open, and the environment is safe when working with your training partner.

-Mar K.

I found the accelerated class to be perfect for my son, who wouldn’t have the patience for a traditional kung fu class.  He really likes the fast-paced curriculum which is giving him more confidence.  For me, I really enjoy the “vibe” of the school and the camaraderie between friends.

-Jarret & Noah

When Sifu David demonstrates the practical combat application of the techniques, he changes it from just physical exercise, to something very useful for self protection.  I’ve trained before in traditional martial arts schools that emphasize a lot of forms and stances.  They talked about, but didn’t actually do much practical applications.  It would take a year before you are allowed to spar – and then only with full-body protection.
The training with Sifu David is fantastic, the realistic testing and sparring at the end of class is what makes the BIG DIFFERENCE!  So I’m very happy with my progress.
Even though we’re holding back and not going full-force, the realistic training is tremendously valuable.

-Stephen M.

I’m really liking the classes, I like the training, I like the style of instruction.  I originally was very interested in JKD, which is based on wing chun. I like how Sifu David made the traditional into modern applications.
I’ve trained and competed in karate for many years, and this club has a much different attitude than many other clubs that seem to be more standoffish.  In contrast, Sifu David’s classes feel very welcoming and very humble.

-Liam L.

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