Tai chi self-defense applications use…

Tai chi self-defense applications use “soft” energy, but does it work?
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Tai chi was created by an old Chinese war general who has mastered many “external / hard” kung fu styles and saw many battles. So it was designed for someone who didn’t want to waste his/her energy wrestling with stronger and younger soldiers who have more stamina and strength.
So one could use an attacker’s energy against him, causing over-exertion and pain/damage on the attacker while using little to no physical exertion yourself.
At the higher levels of training, one begins to harness “chi” (the force, lol) and enable the user to perform some very impressive abilities.
Softness and relaxation is the foundation of these techniques, and if cultivated can lead to surprising power, speed and ability to control of the opponent.
This is contrary to western ideals of “strength” which usually means big bulging muscles. The chinese or taoist system which has been developed over thousands of years has found that “internal” power is truly superior than just brute strength if one can attain it. Hence the 70 year old “feeble-looking” tai chi master who can prevent 30 people from pushing him and actually send the same 30 people flying back and stumbling on the ground.

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