Tai Chi vs Wing Chun Guide For Beginners

Tai Chi vs Wing Chun Guide For Beginners

Martial arts like all creative arts have a lot of culture, history and theories behind them. And with all the differing opinions, one can get confused.

So I came up with 7 distinctive elements between Wing Chun & Tai Chi. It will help you understand each style a lot more and understand your own style of fighting also.

Here are the 7 distinctions:

1 – Geometric shape

2 – Target

3 – Dealing w/ Force

4 – Trapping

5 – Sensitivity

6 – Movement

7 – Range These are general differences that I have observed through my study and training and they are not set in stone.

There will always be overlapping principles where one style will do something characteristic of the other style and vice versa. Like Yin always has a small part of Yang within itself, and vice versa.

Tai Chi vs Wing Chun Guide For Beginners

Generally if you somehow managed to ask the normal individual what they thought Tai Chi was, you would find that they will disclose to you that it is type of activity and reflection. In the meantime, on the off chance that you asked a similar individual their contemplations with respect to Wing Chun Kung Fu, they would in all likelihood reveal to you that it was a type of battling military craftsmanship. Take after these inquiries with one in regards to who may charge better in battle that included Tai Chi versus Wing Chun and the normal individual would most likely put down their wager on Wing Chun.

This might be on account of in their brains when you pit Tai Chi versus Wing Chun you are taking a uninvolved, non-forceful protective military craftsmanship frequently alluded to as Pushing Hands, against a battle style military workmanship alluded to as Sticky Hands. Be that as it may, before you bounce to any conclusion, you should set aside the opportunity to watch a gifted individual in each of these hand to hand fighting practice his aptitudes. You may be astonished at the fact that they are so like each other, however notwithstanding this there are a few critical contrasts.

When you watch a man who is talented in Wing Chun Kung Fu or Sticky Hands you will see that he will always be searching for the littlest opening through which to strike his rival. He needn’t bother with a solid position for this and for the most part depends without anyone else body weight to give the power expected to arrive an effective punch in his rival’s defenseless spots. The normal master in this craftsmanship comprehends that with the correct abilities and learning he doesn’t have to stress excessively over his position.

Presently on the off chance that you set aside the opportunity to watch a talented ace of Tai Chi, you will find that the inverse is valid. When you take a gander at Tai Chi versus Wing Chun, you will see that Tai Chi Chuan is especially about position. As a protective craftsmanship the ace will keep up a position that enables him to sink move in an opposite direction from his aggressor and in doing as such ingest a significant part of the vitality that is behind the assault. Does this imply the main thing a man rehearsing Tai Chi can do is safeguard himself and live to battle one more day?

Tai Chi  Master

Truth be told a remarkable inverse is valid, what it means is that the genuine Tai Chi ace will have the capacity to divert the vitality of his assailants and by doing as such expel their feeling of adjust. In doing this they abandon themselves completely open to assault and afterward crush. The two styles of battling resemble oil and vinegar in light of the fact that regardless of the way that they are comparable, they are in the meantime inconceivably unique. Maybe on the off chance that you are searching for a definitive in hand to hand fighting, you ought to be concerned less with Tai Chi versus Wing Chun and figure out how to join both as this would give you the preferred standpoint in both assault and resistance.

Tai Chi vs Wing Chun Guide For Beginners

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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