Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Martial Arts Classes

With the increasing awareness around lifestyle diseases and the benefits of physical exercise, more and more people are consciously jumping on the fitness bandwagon – practicing mindful eating and taking up a physical activity to boost their fitness level. While most people start with jogging, running or hitting the gym, often deadlines at work and general stress come in the way of continuing the regime. Especially with the increasing competition in all walks of life, it has become even more important to train your mind before you successfully start training your body. But what if you could combine both in one powerful workout that goes much beyond than simply working you out physically?

The answer you are seeking to holistically train your body, mind and spirit lies in the ancient practice of martial arts. Taking a martial arts class is not only a sure way of burning hundreds of calories, improving your muscle tone as well as stamina, it also helps you develop mental and emotional traits essential for life. Here are 5 reasons why you should take up martial arts classes:

Journey of Self Discovery – Training in martial arts pushes you to work hard and perfect the art. There is no doubt that you will often be faced with opponents bigger and stronger than you, but martial arts such as Wing Chun teach you to harness your energy to win over opponents of any size. Or, by working hard and practicing daily, you will discover and unleash your true potential to overcome the obstacles in life.

Turning adversity to opportunity – Every martial arts champion faced blows in their life. However, it is the blows that taught them to fight by learning when to strike and when to defend. Since, in life, you cannot be stronger than your circumstances, just like in martial arts, you must learn to use the circumstances to your advantage by knowing when to fight, when to recede and when to simply go with the flow.

Flow State Capacity – According to Bruce Lee, the great martial artist:

The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.”

Flow can be defined as a zone in which one is so immersed in an activity that all other thoughts fade into insignificance. It is this state that can lead you to greatness and success, which is something you can learn through practicing martial arts regularly.

The Stillness of Movement – People meditate to understand the movements of the mind while remaining still. Similarly, there is stillness in movement, which we hardly experience due to the unbalanced lives we lead – too much stillness (work, television, gadgets, etc.) and too less movement (exercise). However, practicing martial arts helps you focus your mind on your movements, teaching you to move your body with precision by staying in the present.

Holistic Fitness – Taking martial arts classes is an ideal way to improve physical and mental fitness. Apart from being a stress buster and a great workout for building strength and improving muscle tone, martial art students also learn the art of staying focussed, setting effective goals and the basic principles of non-conflict resolution.

Vancouver based martial arts school, Combative Wing Chun uses classical Wing Chun techniques as a springboard to teach students such techniques that are effective in real life fighting. Sifu David, the founder of the institute and trainer at Combative Wing Chun is a third generation student of Bruce Lee and trained in the Yip Man Wing Chun Lineage with over 1,000 hours of coaching and training experience worldwide. You can learn more about Wing Chun, its benefits and the courses run by Sifu David in the school on their website.

“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible”
-Sifu David

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