Who is Sifu David?

So, just who is Sifu David?

Well, imagine if you could step back in time and train with Bruce Lee.

What if I told you we have something close to that?

Sifu David is the teacher you want to be learning from. As a 3rd generation student of the great Bruce Lee himself, Sifu David teaches techniques and secrets passed down from true legends.

Start your training today!

And that’s just the start…

With over 1000 hours of coaching and teaching experience, over 2000 students taught worldwide, and military hand-to-hand combat training to boot, Sifu David knows how to handle a wide variety of different situations and how to teach you to do it too.

The Combative Wing Chun school was founded by Sifu David with the goal to not make a place to learn just martial arts, but much more—He wanted to build a community, forge relationships, reach out and affect people in positive ways, and show the path to connecting one’s body, heart, mind and spirit.

How do I know?

Because that’s how he trained me.

Outside of martial arts, he leads an incredibly active life. Here are some facts about Sifu David:

  •  3rd Generation Student of Bruce Lee
  • Trained in the Yip Man / Yip Ching wing chun lineage
  •  Completed 14-day military hand-to-hand combat training (more training than most US Special Forces)
  • He cured himself from a chronic digestive disease (doctors say there is no cure) in 2016! And he did it with the help of qi gong and meditation!
  • He can comfortably submerge in an ice bath for 2 minutes
  • His record for holding his breath is 4 min 32 seconds!
  • He can break an inch-thick wooden board at extreme close range effortlessly!

Want to take control over your own life? Combative Wing Chun is not just about fighting, it’s about becoming the best you can be and designing your lifestyle.

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-Brendan Murphy
Program Coordinator

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