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 Is Wing Chun Effective Against Stronger Attackers?

The legend of Wing Chun was that it was created by a woman and is uniquely designed to give you the ability to conquer an attacker who may be bigger, stronger, and faster than you.

Women are typically less likely than men to rely on brute strength, which speeds up the process of learning this art, which is rooted in using smaller, more efficient power.

Wing Chun teaches you to maximize the use of the whole body to attack and defend. Through martial arts training at Combative Wing Chun Vancouver, you can reach your fitness and health goals while developing the ability to conquer any adversary regardless of what natural advantages they may have over you.

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Thinking About Wing Chun Martial Arts Classes?

Looking for an excellent way to defend yourself and get in shape at the same time?

Why not try our Wing Chun 101 Program?

Learn how to use Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art developed and made popular by Ip man and Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is highly considered as one of the most functional, effective and notable martial art systems specifically created for real-world street survival.

Wing Chun classes, martial arts classes, martial arts training
Wing Chun classes, martial arts classes, martial arts training

5 Amazing Wing Chun Techniques Revealed…
In our Wing Chun Classes

  • Lighting-Fast Hand Speed

Wing Chun features “economy of motion”, attacks are quick and go directly from point A to point B, removing the unnecessary winding up seen in other styles. It allows you to dominate the fight in the shortest time possible with the least effort. This fighting tactic can help in your life challenges also, by dealing with situations in a direct and efficient manner.

  • Hand Immobilization Attacks

Wing chun uses hand pinning, grabbing and trapping to immobilize your opponents hands and arms to prevent them from attacking while you are free to launch your own attacks. With a sequence of movements that you will be able to apply without thinking, you will be able to render your attacker helpless and completely open to your attacks!

  • Simultaneous Block and Attack

You can double your fighting speed by blocking and striking at the same time, which reduces the opportunities of being countered by your opponent. Further, you can instantly turn a defensive situation into an offensive one from using these wing chun techniques.

  • Close-Range Domination

The close range of Wing Chun serves as one of the essential features of this technique. It firmly believes that you need to stay close to your enemy and use “entry techniques” to get past the punches and kicks of the attacker. This reduces the chance of you being hit, by being either too far, or in this case, too close for the attacker to deliver an effective strike on you.

  • Instant Muscle Reflex

Wing chun trains your muscles to react instantly upon contact with your opponent, which is much faster than reacting with visual input (you don’t need to rely on visual reflexes). This is trained through “chi sau” exercises, which trains your arms to feel your opponents next move before your eyes can perceive it.

Bruce Lee, Ip man & Wing Chun 

Wing Chun classes, martial arts classes, martial arts training
Wing Chun classes, martial arts classes, martial arts training

Ip Man (sometimes spelled Yip Man), was the Wing Chun teacher of Bruce Lee. For almost 4 years of hard training in the Kung Fu art, Bruce Lee almost gave up. His professor (Ip Man) helped him to easily learn the art of Wing Chun and share the skills he had to other aspiring martial artists.

This only shows that similar to other martial artists, Bruce Lee has also doubts whether to continue his Wing Chun training. Ip Man was persistent enough to teach him the basics and complexities of Wing Chun, which then allowed Bruce Lee to be one of the legendary martial artists the world takes pride of.

What You Will Learn in Our
Wing Chun Classes

Enroll in our Wing Chun Classes for Martial Arts Training!  You will learn…

  • The authentic first form in Wing Chun: “Siu Lim Tao”, the way Yip Man taught it in Hong Kong since 1967
  • How to use the Center-Line to overwhelm you attacker quickly and efficiently
  • How to fight faster without having to see with your eyes
  • 5 Wing Chun Punches/Strikes
  • 3 Wing Chun Blocks
  • How to target vital areas 
  • How to use someone’s force against them
  • How to double or triple your power with just a few adjustments to your posture
  • How to use short-range power (like Bruce Lee’s one-inch-punch)
  • How to practice at home or anywhere you want without any equipment
  • And much more!


*** FAQ ***

What’s the minimum age for kids?

8 years or older.

What’s the difference between the Accelerated Wing Chun Program and Wing Chun Classes 101?

The Accelerated Wing Chun Program is more intensive and physically demanding, and includes more realistic drills and scenario training that may not be suitable for the elderly, kids or people with injuries or physical ailments.  It is a fast-paced and high-energy class that is the shortcut to learning how to defend yourself and training your mental toughness.
The Wing Chun 101 Program focuses on the concepts, fundamentals, and philosophies that give you a deeper understanding of the martial art and is less physically demanding and is in a more relaxed atmosphere.  It is suitable for all ages (8+) and all fitness levels.

Can I enrol in both programs at the same time (AWC & WC101)?

Yes!  We offer a bundle price if you enrol in both classes.  Please inquire in class.

How does Wing Chun 101 compare to other wing chun schools?

Not all wing chun is created equal.  Many schools are from different wing chun lineages and have modified their forms to the point where much of the original knowledge is lost.  We teach directly from Yip Man’s forms (and from Yip Man’s sons) to stay true to the authentic Chinese wing chun kung fu principles, philosophies and insider secrets.
Also, our curriculum is enhanced – based on testing and adapting to modern-day fightings styles and self protection tactics that other schools merely will say they have, but really don’t have anything even close.

I actually prefer to learn how to defend myself practically, and as fast as possible without all the theory. I want something more challenging and fast-paced!

Great! Then enrol in our Accelerated Wing Chun Program instead.