Wing Chun Dummy

Wing Chun Dummy Plans

Specialized Drawings

The specialized illustrations roar can be utilized to make your own particular Wooden Dummy for preparing Wing Chun. The Jong as it is alluded to in Cantonese is utilized to prepare the procedures for the Wing Chun framework. These fake designs are based around the determinations of Hong Kong Wall mounted Wooden Dummies. The Wooden Dummy now and again called the wooden Man is utilized to rehearse the Mok Yang Jong shape.

wing chun dummy

Kinds of Wooden Dummy

There are a wide range of kinds of wooden sham, the plans on this page are for a customary divider mounted sham.

Hong Kong Dummy

At the point when the late grandmaster Ip Man moved to Hong Kong from China there was no where to delve a wooden sham into the ground as the territory is so developed. So to counter this issue the divider mounted wooden sham was conceived. The spurious offers an indistinguishable measure of development from conventional ground mounted fakers however can be put on any divider. This sham really offers a vastly improved feel than the conventional Chinese fakers in many people groups supposition, particularly if the back backings are produced using a springy wood.

Conventional Chinese Jong

Customarily in China an opening was delved into the ground and the sham was driven in with a little room around the storage compartment so it could move. A substantial piece of the storage compartment would need to be covered thusly and in spite of the fact that an extremely basic arrangement it can prompt spoiling of the wood and requires having the capacity to dive in overabundance of 1 meter into the ground.

Present day Free Standing Dummy

As of late many individuals lease property or preparing corridors thus cannot jolt a sham to the divider (or dive it into the ground). This has offered ascend to the unsupported wooden sham which while not as pleasant to prepare on as a decent divider mounted sham it offers a down to earth and simple to move alternative. The most serious issue is keeping this sort of sham in one place when preparing yui-mama and ging.

Half breed Wooden Dummy

Somewhere close to a compact sham and the customary Hong Kong divider mounted form the mixture has a rack mount that copies the Hong Kong style however is convenient. We now have some of these in stock. Unsupported edge sham.

Wing Chun Dummy

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