Wing chun techniques is normally not…

Wing chun techniques is normally not considered as a “soft” style…
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…as it’s origins are from white crane style – which branched off into wing chun and karate. However, “soft” kungfu elements can be incorporated into wing chun like internal iron, which enables the practitioner to reflect incoming energy back to the attacker while minimizing damage to him/herself. And dim mak (aka one inch punch, 1 inch punch), which is the skill of attacking a person’s organs to disrupt their nervous system and internal processes.
There’s an ancient story of a student who wanted to ambush his sifu by sneaking behind him and punching him in the back. The moment came with his attack and he saw that his sifu was unaware and open for attack so he hit with all his might. At the moment of impact the sifu reflected the incoming energy on his back and shattered the students hand and dislocated his arm.
With this training and wing chun fighter will be able to withstand powerful blows from bigger, stronger, faster attackers and minimize incoming damage – in this case, an attacker who can hit 900+ lb / square inch as demonstrated in this video.
The theory is not to “stop” a powerful attack, because the very act of “stopping” means using force vs force. In a sense it is redirecting energy, but most “redirecting” that exists in wing chun martial arts is external. eg. you change the direction of the attack so that it misses you. The type of redirection that is demonstrated here is a redirection that occurs within the body, hence the word “internal” iron. With this training the wing chun martial artist can use this body structure to send energy into the ground, and the attacker will feel as if he just hit the ground when he hits you.
This is a higher level skill than using “softness” to deal with force from a distance, or even from a close distance of one-inch, because there is NO distance to redirect the energy since the attacker has already made contact and hit you.

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