Yip Man

Yip Man

Ip Man, otherwise called Yip Man, (Chinese: 1 October 1893 – 2 December 1972), was a Chinese military craftsman, and an ace educator of Wing Chun. He had a few understudies who later wound up plainly hand to hand fighting bosses in their own right. His most renowned understudy was Bruce Lee.

Early Life

Ip Man was destined to Yip Oi-dor and Wu Shui. He experienced childhood in a well off family in Foshan, Guangdong, and got a conventional Chinese instruction. His senior sibling was Yip Kai-gak, his senior sister was Yip Wan-mei and his more youthful sister was Yip Wan-hum.

Ip began taking in Wing Chun from Chan Wah-avoid when he was 7. Chan was 64 at the time, and Ip turned into Chan’s last student.[4][5] Due to his educator’s age, Ip adapted the greater part of his abilities and methods from Chan’s second eldest supporter, Wu Chung-sok (吳仲素). Chan lived three years after Ip’s preparation begun and one of his withering wishes was to have Wu keep educating Ip.

At 16 years old, Ip moved to Hong Kong with assistance from his relative Leung Fut-ting. After one year, he went to class at St. Stephen’s College—an optional school for affluent families and outsiders living in Hong Kong. During Ip’s opportunity at St. Stephen’s he saw an outside cop beating a lady and intervened. The officer endeavored to assault Ip, yet Ip struck him down and raced to class with his schoolmate. Ip’s cohort later told a more established man who lived in his loft square. The man met with Ip and asked what military craftsmanship Ip honed. The man disclosed to Ip that his structures were “not very great”. The man tested Ip’s Wing Chun in chi sao (a type of preparing that includes controlled assault and resistance). Ip considered this to be a chance to demonstrate that his capacities were great, however was vanquished by the man after a couple of strikes. Ip’s rival uncovered himself to be Leung Bik, Chan Wah-disregard’s senior and the child of Chan’s instructor, Leung Jan. After that experience, Ip kept gaining from Leung Bik.

Ip came back to Foshan when he was 24 and turned into a policeman. He showed Wing Chun to a few of his subordinates, companions and relatives, however did not authoritatively run a combative techniques school. Some of his best known casual understudies were Chow Kwong-yue (周光裕), Kwok Fu (郭富), Lun Kah (倫佳), Chan Chi-sun (陳志新), Xu He-Wei (徐和威) and Lui Ying (呂應). Among them, Chow Kwong-yue was said to be the best, however he in the long run went into business and quit honing combative techniques. Kwok Fu and Lun Kah went ahead to show understudies of their own and they go down the craft of Wing Chun in the Foshan and Guangdong area. Chan Chi-sun and Lui Ying went to Hong Kong later however neither of them acknowledged any understudies. Ip went to live with Kwok Fu amid the Second Sino-Japanese War and just came back to Foshan after the war, where he proceeded with his profession as a cop. Ip left Foshan for Hong Kong toward the finish of 1949 after the Chinese Communist Party won the Chinese Civil War since he was an officer of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party), the Communists’ adversary in the Civil War.[6]

Yip Man

Life in Hong Kong

At first, Ip Man’s showing business was poor since Ip’s understudies regularly remained for just a few months. He moved his school twice: first to Castle Peak Road in Sham Shui Po and afterward to Lee Tat Street (利達街) in Yau Ma Tei. By at that point, some of his understudies had achieved capability in Wing Chun and could begin their own particular schools. Some of his understudies and relatives fought with other military specialists to think about their abilities and their triumphs helped increment Ip’s popularity.

In 1967, Ip and some of his understudies built up the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (詠春體育會). The fundamental reason for the Ving Tsun Athletic Association was to enable Ip to handle his money related troubles in Hong Kong.

Ip Man was said to have routinely utilized opium.[11] One of his previous understudies, Duncan Leung, asserted that Ip utilized educational cost cash to help his opium addiction.

Demise and Legacy

Ip passed on 2 December 1972 in his unit at 149 Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong, from throat malignancy, just 7 months before the demise of Bruce Lee.

Ip’s inheritance is the worldwide routine with regards to Wing Chun. Ip Chun, the eldest child of Ip Man, is as enthusiastic and constant in keeping his dad’s Wing Chun kung fu heritage alive and in 2014 Ip Chun was chosen to speak to Wing Chun as the inheritor of the heritage of Wing Chun-style kung fu. Ip’s striking understudies include: Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Chu Shong-tin, Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee, Moy Yat, Ho Kam Ming, Victor Kan, his nephew Lo Man Kam, his children Ip Ching and Ip Chun, and his last shut entryway understudy Leung Ting.

Ip additionally left behind a recorded history of Wing Chun. Many ancient rarities of his life are in plain view in the “Howl Man Tong” exhibition hall in the Foshan Ancestral Temple grounds.

Yip Man

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